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Janet Li

Contact: Janhealth@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.clippings.me/users/janhealth

Website: http://www.clippings.me/users/janhealth

Based in Hong Kong, I am now a freelance reporter who is responsible for reporting the news for a financial and environmental magazine. I have more than 6 years’ experience on the reporting and editing field. I have finished a data journalism course recently.

Before being a technical writer, I have been employed as an editorial assistant in a news organization. My responsibility is mainly to source and edit news for a website of electronic field. At my first and second job, I have been a reporter who writes and edits news for a newspaper and a magazine. I am profoundly experienced in reporting and editing news.

With more than three years’ professional training in Humanities course in HK Baptist University, I am interested in Arts and Culture. My sample of works can be seen at www.clippings.me/users/janhealth. My profile can be seen at http://hk.linkedin.com/pub/janet-li/20/842/619.

Expertise: Writing, Editing

Grade Level(s): Early childhood, K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Subject Area(s): Social Studies