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Robin Marks

Discovery Street Science

Contact: robin@discoverystreettours.com

Website: http://www.discoverystreettours.com/


I’m a nerd. And I love to encourage the nerdiness in others. I began my science career as a child, experimenting with wax, plastic and matches, and nearly burned the house down. I went on to become a biochemist, then a science reporter (8 years), then a writer, curriculum developer, and multimedia producer for the Exploratorium in San Francisco (10 years). Now I write science curricula for prominent publishers such as Pearson as well as for educational non-profits. Among my favorite projects: a year-long high school Anatomy and Physiology course (for the National Academy Foundation), a instruction manual for predicting surf conditions at your favorite beach (for the Exploratorium) and a set of hands-on activities to accompany a website about ancient astronomy (also for the Exploratorium). Getting your hands on science is the best way to learn it, and I love to write (and test!) new science activities. I also operate a small business offering science-themed walking tours. Geology exploration, anyone?

My background is strongest in life/health sciences, chemistry, energy, nanoscale science, earth science, and engineering. I’m familiar with NGSS and Common Core, and at the same time bring the liveliness of informal science ed to formal situations. I’m adept at using CMS’s, templates, and a variety of workflow-management tools to collaborate. I tutor at-risk kids, and it’s taught me how to write curricula that will reach them. I believe every student has inherent curiosity, and it’s our job as educators to tap into it.

Expertise: Writing, Audio, video, and web production

Grade Level(s): 9-12, Informal/afterschool science ed

Subject Area(s): Science