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Language Arts Content Editor/Proofreader

Quantitative Statistics/Quantitative Reasoning Content Developers

Technical Editor (training content)

Content Manager

Curriculum Writer (medical focus)

Assessment Item Writer

Climate Assessment program Science Writer


Production Editor

Instructional Designer

E-Learning Consultant

STEM Research Associate

Curriculum and Instruction Developer (nursing-looks like full time, online)

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance Editors

Feature Writers-Education and Careers

Education Lead Editor

Curriculum Development Specialist (UN)

Educational Copy Writer

Instructional Designer

Biology/Economics Writers
Content writers needed in the disciplines of Biology and Economics. Writers are needed to develop Study Guides (including complete specs for still art) for three university courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Introduction to Biology (typically Biology 101). Each study guide is expected to be approximately 20 pages in length and we expect to produce 15-30 study guides per discipline. Writers must have an advanced degree in the subject or extensive professional writing experience.The project is expected to start approximately August 28 and run to early December.

$ 35-50 per hour
Ashley Glennon
Six Red Marbles Inc.

K-2 Editors: Math and ELA
Looking for K-2 math and K-2 ELA editors for student and teacher materials. Must have 5+ years experience working on educational publishing products for publishers and/or developers. Recent/current teaching experience required.
Please send resume and project history to apply. Please note “K-2 Math Editor” or “K-2 ELA Editor” in subject line of email.

$ 30-40 per hour
Lori Becker
Publishing Solutions Group


Contract Curriculum Developer

Click here to apply

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy is looking for educators with strong writing skills and understanding of learning styles to review existing curriculum pacing guides as a contractor. This review process requires revisions to suggested textbook lesson content using connections to real world applications, considerations to learning style, and relationships across disciplines. There is also an opportunity to simultaneously preform contract work for an online learning center Bridgeway is looking to develop.


  • Teaching Experience
  • Curriculum Development Experience
  • Knowledge of Learning Styles
  • Engaging writing style
  • Strong computer and technology skills
  • Excel Spreadsheet Experience

Preference Given to:

  • Experienced teachers
  • Individuals competent in SharePoint
  • Individuals with experience in online or individual instruction
  • Individuals with Data Entry Experience



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OK…I am ready to pump up the action. So, here’s a challenge for you all:

The first 10 people who share with me five new potential sources of jobs (clients you have, former clients, colleagues who work in companies with educational possibilities, etc.) receives a small gift and gets featured on the site…and I will post madly on my various lists. How’s that?

Here is a list of categories I have added to the section on expertise for writers…build from there:

This list CAN work…but we all have to move it along.

OK…who accepts the challenge?


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Gig opportunities

Hi all…a few more interesting bites. PLEASE START POSTING OPPORTUNITIES. We can really grow WEM if each of you offers a gig or two. And let your clients know about the site, as well. Michele

Business Management & Entrepreneurship Curriculum Developer (remote)

Instructional Designer (on site, part time)

Curriculum Designer, STEM (remote and maybe a bit on site)

Instructional Designer (remote)

Partial Telecommute Instructional Designer  (Wash, DC)

Online Course Developer (looks full time, but it could also be a potential source for freelance…might be worth exploring the agency)

Curriculum Designer (I think I posted this already…but here it is again)

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Writers & Editor for ELL project

WEM Job Listing

A new listing on the Writing for the Education Market job board!

Company: Green Comma

Job Title: Writers & Editor for ELL project
Location: Remote

MUST have ELL experience with middle school. Especially socially studies.
ONLY principals will receive a response.
Project from August 15 to September 30, 2017

How to Apply: 

Send resumes with ELL experience clearly outlined.


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“tutorial” (and resetting your password)

Again…thanks to are clear instructions for logging into your account.

1. From the Writers page:
2. Login to WordPress using the menu on the right side (see image)
3. If you forgot your password, you will need to reset it.
4. Once you’re logged in, click on Join the Writer List (password: jointhewriterlist)
5. Your previous entry should be there all filled in IF you registered for a WordPress account before you filled it out the first time.
6. If you did NOT register for a WordPress account before you filled out the form the first time, send your WordPress username and the First and Last name of your form entry to and she will connect your username to your entry. THEN you can do steps 4 and 5 above.


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Retrieving Passwords

Trust me…it’s been a password nightmare for me this week (and I drove poor Laura crazy…thank goodness she’s incredibly patient!)

Some of you have been writing to me about changing your passwords…or actually LOCATING them. Turns out, alas, that I cannot do that from my end. BUT…here are feedback and a  link to details that can help you get started.

  • Basically, verify that the user emails are correct then have them use the forgot password link. You cannot retrieve passwords as they’re stored as an encrypted string.
  • This article lists 7 completely different ways to reset your password.  Any one of them will work and do the job. Find the one that’s right for you and use that:

We will get through this all…I promise.

In the meantime, START POSTING GIGS…and let’s get some jobs from companies, etc., posted…let’s build this out!!!



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Working on WEM

Hi all.

Hope the summer has been treating you well.

I’ve finally been able to dive into the website. Laura has helped me to navigate all aspects of WEM. I’m still learning. AND IT’S SO EXCITING.

Here’s what’s been going on (and what I’ve been thinking), along with what I hope you all will be able to do.

Site Changes

I’ve been fiddling with the site, adjusting here and there. You might notice! My goal is to launch a new website down the road. (If anybody out there wants to work on that with me, do reach out.)

The biggest changes are in the forms. I’ve added all sorts of writing categories to the writer list sign up (you might want to refresh your profile to add some of the newer categories), and additional fields in the job posting and community leads sections. You can now actually hyperlink a job (rather than just post the URL) and/or upload a job description.

Oh…and yes, I’ve been deleting thousands of SPAM emails. (If your name is Amoxicillin…sorry, you’ve been removed!)

Hustling through Outreach

I’ve reached out to colleagues, friends, peers, collaborators, etc., about the site, and have invited them to post job leads. My goal is for folks who hire to see that they can come to WEM FIRST (before posting wildly and randomly elsewhere) to find the best of the best education writers. It’s true! They can narrow their search right here. And not have to  to sift through lots and lots of resumes, profiles, writing samples. Don’t you agree?

So, please do the same. There are over 1200 of you! Even if each of you reached out to just one company or professional colleague, our job postings would be off the charts. I would love to get more than 10-15 new gigs a day (or maybe a week, to start?) that are unique to our site.

Writers List

Even though there are over 1200 folks registered, there are only about 250 of you on the writers list. You should add your credentials to it. I think we will get more people perusing that list. Don’t you want to be featured on it?


I want to make this a regular thing. Blog posts…I have some ideas for that, and will be starting soon. Would love to have many of you write posts, too. R u interested? Shoot me an e-mail…LET’S TAWK

How You Can Help

This will be a slow process…but you can help move it along. Here is a short list of how you can help for now:

  • Let me know what else you’d like on the site; maybe I can make that happen.
  • Get folks you know to post jobs (I know, I said that earlier…but it needs repeating)
  • Post community leads…THERE ARE OVER 1200 OF YOU. Let’s get that list super active.
  • Start talking to each other…respond to blog posts or listings…boast. Should I get a forum started?
  • If you unsubscribe, let me know why…maybe some improvements would keep you on board?

That’s where WEM is at for the moment….MOVING FORWARD!!!

More ideas blooming, great plans underway…stay with me for the journey!



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Writer needed immediately for course development

Hi all…Newgen needs a writer ASAP (NOW TO BE EXACT) for a course on tolerance and dimensioning. It really needs a writer who is super knowledgeable on this topic…otherwise, it will be really tough (I know…I tried!). There is a bit of a tight deadline but if you know the content, you can easily catch up. There are writing guides, etc., so it’s very organized.

The person to contact is:

Damian McGarvey
Sales Director
Tell him Michele sent you. He’s really lovely as are the other members of the team. So please do reach out.

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Official Transfer

Hello, Writing for the Education Market Community!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Some of you are recent additions to the community and some, like Michele Israel, have been with me since it’s inception in 2008. You’ve seen her name and posts regularly.  Michele has been pretty much holding up this site for the last two+ years and I’m grateful. It’s been wonderful working with you all for so long, but I am unable to give WEM the attention it needs to be a strong community, and Michele has graciously agreed to take it over completely.

I’ll keep my Laura at Writing for The Education Market dot com email address for another couple of months and then that will be closed down. Please address all emails to Michele at Writing for The Education Market dot com from now on. We’ll be working together until we get the kinks worked out.

Happy writing!
Laura Coulter

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