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I am testing out my new mailing list this evening. You should be receiving this post in your email in about an hour. I’m crossing my fingers. You would think I’d be able to read and follow directions and things would work as I expect them to. Perhaps I misread…

Some updates:

  • As I said in the post title, there is a job on the board posted by Six Red Marbles! Take a look if you haven’t had the chance yet.
  • There is now a search box on the Writers page. I was wracking my brain trying to make a fancy one that would give results if someone wanted to search for a K-5 math correlation person, but that hasn’t worked out so far. So, type math in the search box and get all the writers who have math anywhere on their profile. You can also search by name.
  • If you registered on the website after you created your writer profile, you can edit your own profile once I’ve connected it your username. Just click on Add your profile to the list to get back into editing mode.
  • If you haven’t added your profile yet, register first and it will automatically connect your username to profile and you can edit immediately.

Last bit:

  • Writers who have completed a profile (with an email address included) will receive by email exclusive job leads that I come across in my searches, much like we did on the old site.

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#FailUp Friday – 001 Early Mistakes

#FailUp Friday is a weekly post where freelance education writers post mistakes and failures and what they learned. If you have a story to share, email it to and include #FailUp in the body. Let me know if you want it posted anonymously. Your story may end up in one of our #FailUp Fridays.

I began in the education market as an in-house editor for an educational design house that no longer exists. I wanted to write, but they told me they didn’t hire in-house writers. So I left after two years, with a sort-of promise from one of my colleagues.

My first mistake was when I was still an editor. I thought writers invoiced per manuscript page, not bookmap page, which inflated the amount I thought writers made.

After I began freelance writing, I made another error. I assumed every editor was like me, wanting the number of words assigned, no more or less, so that I didn’t have to waste time cutting copy to fit the page. An editor early on said I “wrote short,” because I gave her the exact word count, and she had nothing to play with. Lesson: It’s important to know what kind of editor you’re working with! That takes some time, which we often don’t have, given crazy deadlines. But I now “write long” when in doubt–an extra 50 words doesn’t hurt me.

-Judy Johnson

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A Profile Editing Breakthrough!

Many thanks to Eloise Elaine Ernst Schneider for helping me work out how writers can edit their own profile. It can be done! What we found was that if you were a registered subscriber to the site and logged in before you filled out the form, that form automatically connects with your username and when you log in again, you can edit it.

I checkmarked that “Let users register” button without really knowing what it would do. Now we know!

So here are a few options:

  1. You haven’t completed a profile yet, so you go to the Writers page and find the Register button on the right side. (Note: I only see this option on the full desktop site. I can’t find it in the mobile site. ) Create a username and password and then log in and complete the profile form.
  2. You already completed the profile but there wasn’t an option to register when you did, so you go to the site and register now with the same email address that you used on your profile. I will connect the username to the profile with the same email address. (I know, I know. There are already 162 writers that I would need to connect. It was my fault for not having it in place. I’ll connect.)
  3. You completed the profile before registering, but you don’t want to use the same email address to register, so register with your preferred email address and then you email me at and let me know which username to connect to which profile.

Another step in the right direction. Thanks for bearing with me! Oh, and at a reader request, I added a Company Name field in the form and I added an Other to the subjects where you can type your own in.



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Moving Right Along (with a quick recap)

FireworksFirst, the Recap

Wow. Things are really moving along with the new site. I am going to publish this post in both and so that it’s part of the new blog history but everyone on the yet-to-be-moved-over email list will receive it in their email from the old blog. All this will get cleaned up soon. I was able to get some advice on moving the list over.

I’m getting some recurring questions, so I am going to address some of them here. I’ll set up an FAQ page on the new site soon (after the email list move).

  • The new website address is
  • The old blog address is
  • The old blog address is where you have been receiving emails from Writing for the Education Market.
  • This will be changing very soon, so you need to
    • read all then WEM emails or blog posts from last week and this week to stay updated on the move
    • go to the Writers page on the new site and Join the List (I’ve had 46 new writers join since Sunday noon)
    • Check the job board on your own until I can get the email thing sorted out (HINT: There is already a job posted there!)
  • You can’t edit your profile (yet), so if you need to change something, fill out the form again and then email me at and let me know to delete your other one.

Moving Right Along

First, I got to meet Laura Bresko at ISTE today! Yay! Laura’s been a subscriber from the beginning and hires writers through WEM. It was a pleasure to be able to talk to her in person. Laura also introduced me to someone who could help spread the word about WEM. It was exciting!

Then, I stopped by Gale Group booth in the expo hall and the person in charge of content development was super excited to hear about our community. That was a great feeling. So tomorrow, I plan to stop at a few more places to see if I can make some connections.

If you know of someone who hires freelance writers, perhaps you’d be willing to send me their contact info. Those folks know others of their ilk and I bet we could get it moving along at a fast clip just by being social.

Next Steps

  • Move the email list over
  • Figure out how to let writers edit their own profiles
  • Notify all the folks who link to the blog of the new address
  • Close down the site

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Welcome to the New Blog Home for Writing for the Education Market

As part of the re-design, the blog has moved to from its previous home at

Here’s what the new site will have:

  • A searchable database of freelance education writers, correlators, and editors
  • The ability for writers to create their own profile
  • A job board for companies to post job leads directly
  • A blog focused on the business of freelance writing for the education market.

We’re going to start with the searchable database. Go to the Join the Writer List page and create your profile. This information will automatically populate in the Writers page. The ability to search will be in place by July 8.

My next steps are to move the email list over so you continue receiving blog posts and job leads. More on that later.

I am heading to ISTE in Philadelphia and plan to visit with several education companies to tell them about this service. I’d love for them to come to the site and see a huge list of writers!

You can reach me at or comment on this post. I get all the comments in my email. Please let me know if there are any glitches that I need to fix.



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