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Company: BookRags

Job Title: Study Guide Writers
Location: [96]
Description: is hiring!

We are an online study guide service for students and teachers. We are looking for freelance writers who have a background in English / American literature and who are able to write complex literary analysis in a style accessible to college and advanced high school students.

How to Apply: 

Please send:

Your resume (BA in English or related field required)
A 5-page academic paper showing your ability to analyze a literary text



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ARE Exam Prep Content Writer

Criminalization Editor (full time)

Researcher/Writer (full-time remote)

Chief Content Officer (very cool…full time, remote)

Grant Writer (remote, education focus)

Freelance copywriter

Principal Assessment Specialist (remote possible in certain locations)

Pearson gigs

Development editor

Senior Digital/Social Media Editor

Senior Editor


Science Content Specialist

Sr. Instructional Designer

Multimedia Education reporter/Journalist

Managing Editor-Early Education (remote)

Senior Video Editor (remote)

Fiction and nonfiction editors/proofreaders

Many of our editors are booking for 2018, which means the network is OPEN.

Applicants must use the form posted here:

Please read the entire page and review the bios on the site before submitting.

Priority will be given to editors who can perform all levels of editing, from development to proofreading.
This is a high-volume network. Our full-time editors gross $40,000-$120,000/yr. Per word/page/hourly rates are set by the individual editors.

Note — There is a scammer using “Book Editing Associates” to “hire” editors. The scammer sends a check to the victim, and the banks have been freezing the accounts. If you’re unsure about an email you’ve received from “Book Editing Associates,” forward the email to me and I will contact you directly.

Location: Remote

Rate: $ 40k – $120k per year

Contact Name: LYNDA LOTMAN

Contact Company: Book Editing Associates

Contact Website:


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“tutorial” (and resetting your password)

Again…thanks to are clear instructions for logging into your account.

1. From the Writers page:
2. Login to WordPress using the menu on the right side (see image)
3. If you forgot your password, you will need to reset it.
4. Once you’re logged in, click on Join the Writer List (password: jointhewriterlist)
5. Your previous entry should be there all filled in IF you registered for a WordPress account before you filled it out the first time.
6. If you did NOT register for a WordPress account before you filled out the form the first time, send your WordPress username and the First and Last name of your form entry to and she will connect your username to your entry. THEN you can do steps 4 and 5 above.


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Retrieving Passwords

Trust me…it’s been a password nightmare for me this week (and I drove poor Laura crazy…thank goodness she’s incredibly patient!)

Some of you have been writing to me about changing your passwords…or actually LOCATING them. Turns out, alas, that I cannot do that from my end. BUT…here are feedback and a  link to details that can help you get started.

  • Basically, verify that the user emails are correct then have them use the forgot password link. You cannot retrieve passwords as they’re stored as an encrypted string.
  • This article lists 7 completely different ways to reset your password.  Any one of them will work and do the job. Find the one that’s right for you and use that:

We will get through this all…I promise.

In the meantime, START POSTING GIGS…and let’s get some jobs from companies, etc., posted…let’s build this out!!!



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Official Transfer

Hello, Writing for the Education Market Community!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Some of you are recent additions to the community and some, like Michele Israel, have been with me since it’s inception in 2008. You’ve seen her name and posts regularly.  Michele has been pretty much holding up this site for the last two+ years and I’m grateful. It’s been wonderful working with you all for so long, but I am unable to give WEM the attention it needs to be a strong community, and Michele has graciously agreed to take it over completely.

I’ll keep my Laura at Writing for The Education Market dot com email address for another couple of months and then that will be closed down. Please address all emails to Michele at Writing for The Education Market dot com from now on. We’ll be working together until we get the kinks worked out.

Happy writing!
Laura Coulter

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