Associate Editor

Associate Media Editor

Managing Editor, Content (Kappan Magazine)

K-12 Reporter

Arabic translator Looking for a short-term Arabic translator for a YA novel. Characters in the novel sometimes speak in Arabic, and we want to confirm the dialogue is correct. Approx 2-4 hours of work. Manuscript is ready now for immediate work.

Location: Remote
Rate: $35 per hour
Name: Ms. Alexei Esikoff
Company: Macmillan Children’s


Editor/Publication Manager for The American Harp Journal (Independent contractor, virtual) Application deadline November 1, 2017. The American Harp Society, Inc. is seeking an Editor/Publication Manager to be the creative and production leader of its flagship official publication, The American Harp Journal. The Journal is currently a biannually published color journal (ca. 80-104 pages) sent to current membership, institutional subscribers, and paid advertisers, and is included in Gale, EBSCO Information Services, and ProQuest databases.

In collaboration with the Editor/Publication Manager, the AHS Board of Directors determines the mission and vision for the Journal. The Editor/Publication Manager implements the agreed upon mission and vision for the publication, solicits and curates content, manages the editorial process, coordinates production, and oversees completion of each issue within a Board-approved budget. To enhance its quality and stature, the Editor may suggest new features, columns, and concepts for the Journal. The Editor/Publication Manager has the opportunity to shape the Journal through maintaining its scholarly excellence while adapting to changing member demographics and interests. AHS members currently include teachers, students, professionals, academics, adult learners, and players of all types of harps.

A complete position description, qualifications and application information are downloadable at Applications are due by November 1, 2017, with a position start date in early 2018. Applications received by the deadline will receive full consideration.

Location: Remote
Rate: $6000-$7500 per issue (two per year)
Name: Kathryn McManus
Company: American Harp Society, Inc.

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Senior Editor, K-12 Education

Assistant Managing Editor/Teacher

Higher Education Reporter

School Library Journal Seeks Data Journalist

Education Reporter

Temporary Content Editor

Research Reporter


Copyeditor needed for children’s picture books; 4 pages. Please indicate turnaround time and method of payment.

Location: Remote
Rate: $25 per complete assignment
Name: Shirley Graves
Company: Aberon Publications


Academic Editor

Seeking an academic editor to join our team of freelance editors. Must have an advanced degree in business, finance, or economics and have at least 5 years of professional editing experience. Please submit a cover letter and CV to

Location: Remote
Rate: $30 per hour
Name: Dr. Harte Weiner
Company: CambridgeEditors



Seeking a professional copyeditor to join our team of freelance editors. Must be professional and have a quick turnaround time. Also, should be familiar with and demonstrate editing academic work and prose and have 5-10 years of experience. Please send a cover letter and CV to

Location: Remote
Rate: $30 per hour
Name: Dr. Harte Weiner
Company: CambridgeEditors


Gaming Producer in EdTech (not quite writing, but interesting)

 Shift Group, is looking for a Senior Gaming Producer to join us as a (potential) partner.
Shift Group is an EdTech startup, teaching entrepreneurship both online and gamified (Genesis), using sustainability as a cornerstone.  While still in Beta, we already have several paying customers (colleges).  We also have been co-hosting the New York Business Plan Competition for NYC colleges. We are seeking a tech partner who understands how to take Genesis to the general public.
Also helpful (but not mandatory):
  • light coding in Unity
  • WordPress site design experience
  • interest in environmental and social issues
We are raising another round of capital, and this position is for milestone-based equity and cash, once raised (3-6 months from now.)
Please also include:
  • Samples of games you have worked on/managed
  • Your LinkedIn profile
Stefan (Doering)
text:  917-544-1680
A bit about our team:

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Early Learning Writer/Author

Online Editor

Copyediting Specialist

Freelance Language Teaching Expert, Spanish

Digital Learning Consultant: Math

CCSS Math Curriculum Writer  Consultant

Education Specialist

Remote Curriculum Development Director

Curriculum Specialist

Curriculum and Instructional Design Manager, Pharmacy Program

Story Editor

Detroit Reporter, Chalkbeat

Staff Reporter

Copyeditor Looking for a US-based freelance copy editor to edit humanities and social science books for our US client. Books that we handle are largely 300 to 450 pages long, and we have regular inflow of them. We are lively and friendly bunch of people who cherish long-term professional relationship. Do write to us at, for further assistance. Remote.  $30-45 per hour

Name: Malathi Sekar

Company: Ninestars Information Technologies Private Limited



Editors Seeking experienced, solid content editors for grades K-2 ELA teacher editions who are available for the next 8 weeks. Candidates MUST have experience editing K-2 teacher editions, and must be able to work under strict deadlines. Editors must have a good understanding of how to teach ELA at the primary grades. Please send resumes to

Copyeditor Seeking a copyeditor for variety of materials related to program evaluation. Examples include technical reports, academic articles, blogs, newsletters, training materials (e.g., presentation slides, resource materials), and syllabi, The scope and nature of work will vary–from short and informal to lengthy and technical. Most work will be strictly proofreading, but some materials may require more advanced editing. Ideally, we hope to find someone who can turn around smaller projects (e.g., slides) within three business days and who can work with us long-term. For example products, also see

Location: Remote

Rate: $35 per hour
Name: Lori Wingate

Company: Western Michigan University Evaluation Center

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Research Consultant

Contributing Writers for Idealist Careers (not great pay, but for those who want published pieces, might be an opportunity)

Coordinator of Online Learning (does involve learning materials development, and it’s in Vermont…neat)

Academic Art History Journal seeks Copy Editor

Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture aims to explore how the complexities of being in time find visual form. Crucial to this undertaking is accounting for how, from prehistory to the present, cultures around the world conceive of and construct their present and the concept of presentness visually. Through scholarly writings from a number of academic disciplines in the humanities, together with contributions from artists and filmmakers, Contemporaneity maps the diverse ways in which cultures use visual means to record, define, and interrogate their historical context and presence in time.

Contemporaneity is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, open-access, online, annual publication edited by a graduate editorial board in the Department of History of Art & Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh. Publications in this journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Contemporaneity is published by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh as part of its D-Scribe Digital Publishing Program and is cosponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

The journal seeks applications for copy-editor of its sixth edition, “Art and Identification Across Borders,” which consists of three scholarly articles, a curatorial statement, an artist interview, three artistic submissions, two book reviews, four exhibition reviews, and an editorial statement, all totaling ~ 43,000 words. Copy editing responsibilities include technical editing, style editing according to the Chicago Manual of Style notes and bibliography system, and proofreading final PDFs formatted by the editorial board. Copy editors will be compensated a flat fee of $2,000. (Estimating about 1,000 words per hour, this is $46.51/hour.)

To qualify as an independent contract copy editor, applicants must have fluent English proficiency, ability to work remotely, and experience in academic copy editing. The ideal applicant for this position would have had exposure to scholarly writing in the fields of art history and/or visual culture. The candidates who have been most successful in the contract copy editor role are autonomous, have strong technical writing skills, and seek to make a positive impact on their field of expertise.
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to the editor-in-chief, Rae Di Cicco, at by September 20, 2017.

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 46.51 per hour
Contact Name: Rae Di Cicco
Contact Company: Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture
Contact Website


Proofreader and editor
In need of a proofreader for marketing material. We’d love an Austin or NYC-based proofreader, but this is a planned as a remote, contract position. Responsible for proofreading marketing collateral and content (eBooks, blog posts, infographics, press releases, powerpoint presentations, etc). Amount of Content will be 0-3 pieces of content/week.
Experience with editing/writing/proofing for eCommerce and brand marketing audiences is a plus.
This will be a long-term position but turn around time is expected to be quick and timely (sometimes request is for less than 1 day).

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 30 to 35 per hour
Contact Name: Alden Schell
Contact Company: Bazaarvoice
Contact Website


We are a tiny imprint. (Micro would be a more accurate word than tiny.) Our interest is chiefly in the humanities and medicine. One of our books was translated into eight languages, sold in the thousands, and has made a huge impact globally. The point being that a press need not be large to make a difference. We are looking for freelance copy editors at $35 an hour who can do the kind of quality editing one would get when publishing with a leading university press, such as Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. In the past we have employed freelancers from these university presses, with excellent results. Our publishing strategy is to court specific authors and match them with a specific copy editor for their project, again, at $35/hour. If this interests you, please shoot me an email.
Calvin Luther Martin, PhD
Publisher, K-Selected Books

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 35 per hour
Contact Name: Calvin Luther Martin, PhD
Contact Company: K-Selected Books



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Instructional Designer

Curriculum Designer

Temporary Content Editor

Cambridge University Press seeks experienced, freelance copyeditor for a multi-disciplinary African studies journal.
Candidate must have extensive experience with CMS style guide, be adept at editing with Microsoft Word Track Changes, and be able to work with non-native English speaking writers, corresponding directly with authors to resolve queries. Minimum 5 years experience with a proven track record editing scholarly journals and providing fast turnaround of manuscripts in an article-by-article publication workflow. BS or BA a requirement, experience editing in humanities and social sciences that focus on African topics preferred.

Location: Remote
Rate: $ 5.00 per page
Contact Name: Kelly Loftus
Contact Company: Cambridge Univeristy Press

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High School Lesson Plan Writer

WEM Job Listing

A new listing on the Writing for the Education Market job board!

Company: Bookrags

Job Title: High School Lesson Plan Writer
Location: [96]

BookRags is hiring lesson plan writers! We are looking for current or retired high school English and literature teachers who are interested in ongoing work. Our lesson plans help teachers guide students through complex and cogent literary analysis. Lesson plans are written in an online template that includes eight sections: Chapter Abstracts, Characters, Objects/Symbols, Daily Lessons, Fun Activities, Essay Topics, Short Essay Questions, and Multiple Choice Questions. You will be required to read the book for which the Lesson Plan is being written, but we will also provide you a study guide as a supplementary aide.

Pay Rate: $350 – $400

How to Apply: 

Please send a resume and a 5-page writing sample to The sample can be an academic paper showing your ability to analyze a literary text or a sample lesson plan. The subject line should read “LP Writing Job.”


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Hi everyone. Almost back-to-school time.

Just a quick note...THINGS ARE PICKING UP.

New subscribers…and companies now posting jobs. (I’ve done LOTS of marketing! It’s slow but it’s a start.)

Members posting opportunities. WE NEED MORE OF THAT! And we need for companies you know of to post gigs, too.

PLEASE NOTE A MAJOR CHANGE: There are no more community leads. Now, if you find a job or have a job for someone, just post in the job boards. It’s easier…I will be making more adjustments in time.

We are getting there.

Thanks for riding along.


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