Well…here we are…the last day (for now).

I’ve created a SLACK workspace for the group in the interim. If you’ve reached out to me with your contact info, I will send you the link. You’ll need to sign on.

Do send me contact info if you have not yet.

It’s been swell…it will be even “sweller” in a few months.

SHOUT OUT TO LAURA COULTER…who made this baby happen.

Thanks to all.


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And again…just the titles…sorry…


Medical Writer, Continuing Medical Education

Course Developers (am thinking this is freelance/remote, but it’s not clear)

Freelance Writers, Editors, and Translators

Creative Writers

Bilingual Chines/English Editor (full- and part-time opps available)

Writer/Content Curator, San Francisco (bulk is remote, with 10 hours required on site)

Content Writer, Finance


Curriculum Developer/Writer (business company)

Senior Learning Specialist, Educscape

Senior Curriculum Developer, Amplify

Senior Content Editor, Museum of Science, Boston

Content Manager, Chicago


Smithsonian Writers/Editors (Came across this…no clue on how to get on the roster here, but I say it’s worth exploring)

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I surf the Internet a lot for work, am on lots of lists, receive lots of alerts, and also get leads from friends and colleagues. Below are a few sites that I reference a fair amount. You can set up alerts with many of them. I will post additional ones as they come along. PLEASE ADD YOUR SOURCES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!!

I also, like many of you, go straight to the publishers’ websites, as well as to organizations that I am drawn to. That’s crazy tedious searching, but it often pays off. This link (which I might have already provided) suggests tools that link you to a site for regular updates.

And, I’ve also been looking at RFP sites…even have landed gigs from those…I will generate a separate list for those in a few days.

Also think about educational media companies, ed tech companies, arts-centric organizations, companies looking for educational content writers…so many possibilities.

There are fee-based, member-only sites, like (which also posts job announcements for members…I got into a bit of hot water because I was posting from their list…oh, well…lessons learned).

A few hiring entities have posted jobs directly to the site. I WANT MORE OF THAT IN THE FUTURE!

Of course, nothing beats word of mouth and referrals!!

Sites to Peruse (you really have to narrow down the search terms here, but I do find a lot…I know it’s tedious to come across stuff…but I do) I also customize searches on Google, Indeed, Simply Hired, and Nexxt (again, it can be a pain, but I find lots of really interesting gigs there)

ATD Job Bank

EWA Career Center

PND Job Alerts

Media Bistro

Higher Ed Jobs

Inside Higher Ed Careers

Brian Scott’s Online Writing Jobs


BookBuilders of Boston Jobs

Education Dive Jobs

Chronicle Vitae Jobs (every now and then, something curriculum related emerges)

Get Curriculum Jobs ( I DON’T love this site, but every now and then…)

Diversity Jobs

Education Week Top Jobs

Craig’s List (yep, another painful site, but there are often interesting gigs, and you can search by state)

Book Jobs

Publisher’s Marketplace


Edu Jobs for Flexible Practitioners (almost feels like a sister site…I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!)

eLearning Industry Jobs

Chalkbeat Jobs

Virtual Vocations (not loving this site…BUT…what is good is that you get a sense of the companies out there, and can go directly to their sites to see full job listings)

Flex Jobs (eh…much like Virtual Vocations, but it does not update efficiently…I don’t recommend it but it’s worth a perusal to see what’s out there)

NCSS Career Center

The Association of Magazine Media

Media Match USA

Writing Assistance Inc.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Journalism Jobs

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Hi all…next week is the last week of WEM.

Lots of you have asked about its future. Here’s the story: I am closing shop for now as I rethink next steps…a bit of work to do before I relaunch. So, WEM is not gone forever. It seems it can’t be: so many people have written to say they are SAD that it won’t be around because it helped them so much.

BUT... I am going to create some type of group in the interim. If you want to be a part of that, contact me at (if you haven’t already). This will truly be a COMMUNITY where everyone shares.

If you are a hiring entity, please contact me. I would love to pick your brains a bit. If you don’t mind.

Stay tuned for a list of sites that I often look to for gigs. Hopefully, folks will add their choices in the comments section.




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Freelance Science Writers

WEM Job Listing

A new listing on the Writing for the Education Market job board!

Company: Victory Productions

Job Title: Freelance Science Writers
Location: [96]

Victory Productions is in need of freelance science writers for several projects, ongoing and upcoming.

How to Apply: 


Send cover and resume to:

Gare Thompson
Product Marketing Director

Phone number, just in case is: 508.798.6244


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Curriculum Writer Responsible for developing and maintaining our proprietary SAT/ACT curricula that provides students and tutors with industry-leading, hyper-customized programs, built to efficiently maximize score increases.

Curriculum Writers (am assuming this is remote and freelance) Hiring experienced educators to develop curriculets for our internal and external reading platforms. Curriculets are layers of interactive curriculum consisting of Common Core aligned questions, along with videos, images and textual annotations that help deepen students’ comprehension and appreciation of literature. We are currently focusing on building curriculum for grades 3-6.

K-5 ELA Curriculum Writers & Editor, Pittsburgh Public Schools (this says no residency requirement, but does require valid PA certificate-not sure whether remote, but is paid hourly) The elementary literacy department is seeking up to 6 elementary certified teachers to write curriculum and 1 elementary certified teacher to edit curriculum and assessment)

Curriculum Specialist, Columbia University (variable hours, NYC based) The Zuckerman Institute seeks a Curriculum Design Specialist to design a neuroscience curriculum for high school learners. Reporting to the Senior Manager of Education Programs, the Specialist is responsible for synthesizing and expanding upon existing education resources of the Zuckerman Institute and BioBus, Inc., as well as the specialized neuroscience areas of the researchers at the Zuckerman Institute.

Call for Writers The Center for Responsive Schools is currently seeking experienced writers and illustrators to help create a series of titles for Avenue A Books, a new imprint for students in grades K-8. These books will focus on topics such as interpersonal relationships, social and emotional skills, diverse experiences, and other matters related to the daily life of elementary and middle school students.

Nonfiction/fiction copy editors, proofreaders, and indexers Sourcebooks, Inc., an independent publisher in the western suburbs of Chicago, is accepting applications from qualified copy editors, proofreaders, and indexers interested in freelance work in various areas of nonfiction, including history, business, education, parenting, memoir, self-help/inspirational, biography, health, reference, social science, relationships, and more.

Interview Prep Curriculum Developer Looking for 2-3 course curriculum developers to collaboratively design and build our 10-week summer interview prep course for university students running via an online classroom. One of these developers will also be the instructor for the first course in the Summer. The curriculum development begins in February and the first course will run starting June 4th 2018. The curriculum development role will be remote and part-time spanning over at least 4 months of development.


Content Writer & Curriculum Specialist, Senior Editor, and Content Writer (6-12 ELA)

  • Write wide variety of high-quality, high-engagement ELA instructional content for our print and digital platforms
  • Work closely with editorial group and Curriculum Specialist to ensure that all content is pedagogically sound and aligned with company’s educational goals
  • Ensure that all content meets our high standards of editorial excellence, with focus on instructional quality, clarity, and engagement
  • Contribute creatively and intellectually to dedicated team of writers and editors
  • Partner with editorial team and company leadership to initiate, conceptualize, and develop print and digital learning solution and products

 NOTE: Candidates within commuting distance of our Delaware office—roughly equidistant between Philadelphia and Baltimore/DC—are strongly preferred. Remote arrangement considered for outstanding candidate. (Requires regular travel to our DE office, so ideally, no farther than a 2-hour flight away.)

Curriculum Manager The Curriculum and Program Manager will lead the strategy and execution of all Black Girls CODE curricula, overseeing development, implementation, evaluation, research, and continuous improvement of the curricula models. (NOTE: Oakland, CA or New York, NY )

Education Reporter Reporting and writing on policies and issues in the state’s largest school districts — including Salt Lake City — as well as a growing network of charter schools and related action on Utah’s Capitol Hill. We are looking for a reporter who is eager to engage with our readers and who is attracted to stories that help inform parents about the education of their children and the issues surrounding growing up in a changing world.

Instructional Designer/Curriculum Developer The curriculum developer position will be responsible for designing, developing and revising The Institute for Court Management’s (ICM) portfolio of classroom and online education courses to include content, instructional strategies, course-related learning activities, evaluation mechanisms and other aspects of course development and implementation.


Curriculum Associates (several opportunities)

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Hi all…sorry…did not have time to write up descriptions.


Contract Instructional Designers (thanks to Cecelia Munzenmaier for passing this one along!)

On-Call Training Consultant (so unusual and interesting)

Freelance Editing Positions with Edanz (once on the page, scroll down) science focused

Creative Writer, Kingdom Works (Christian media products)

Contract Editors (technology/engineering background)

Content Development Writers and Editors (all subjects)

Freelance Writers to Simplify Legalese (I have no clue on pricing…I am thinking it might not be great)

Writer, Pacific Northwest Hiking Guidebook (must live in Washington)

Online Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum Specialist-Humanities/Literacy (remote but in Sacramento, CA -but I am not sure whether that actually means you have to live there..worth a query)

English to English Content Editor (says contract, not sure whether it’s remote)


Blended Learning Educational Projects Coordinator (NYC)

Writer and Curriculum Developer

Senior Editorial Producer (full time, contract)

Arabic Reading/Curriculum Development Consultant (it’s definitely contract, but I am not sure how much time actually needs to be spent on site in Hebron…it’s quite neat)


Khan Academy (range of positions, some content)

Mango (language courses, opportunities for remote course developers)

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