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ARE Exam Prep Content Writer

Criminalization Editor (full time)

Researcher/Writer (full-time remote)

Chief Content Officer (very cool…full time, remote)

Grant Writer (remote, education focus)

Freelance copywriter

Principal Assessment Specialist (remote possible in certain locations)

Pearson gigs

Development editor

Senior Digital/Social Media Editor

Senior Editor


Science Content Specialist

Sr. Instructional Designer

Multimedia Education reporter/Journalist

Managing Editor-Early Education (remote)

Senior Video Editor (remote)

Fiction and nonfiction editors/proofreaders

Many of our editors are booking for 2018, which means the network is OPEN.

Applicants must use the form posted here:

Please read the entire page and review the bios on the site before submitting.

Priority will be given to editors who can perform all levels of editing, from development to proofreading.
This is a high-volume network. Our full-time editors gross $40,000-$120,000/yr. Per word/page/hourly rates are set by the individual editors.

Note — There is a scammer using “Book Editing Associates” to “hire” editors. The scammer sends a check to the victim, and the banks have been freezing the accounts. If you’re unsure about an email you’ve received from “Book Editing Associates,” forward the email to me and I will contact you directly.

Location: Remote

Rate: $ 40k – $120k per year

Contact Name: LYNDA LOTMAN

Contact Company: Book Editing Associates

Contact Website:


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I’ve been including full-time and on-site contract/freelance to open up opportunities. Just in case you’re wondering. Michele


Editorial Jobs in Education (several amazing opportunities)

Curriculum and Instruction Developer/Nursing (remote)

Instructional Designer, Center for Learning & Innovation (full time)

Books Production Editor


Language Arts Content Editor/Proofreader

A bit off topic (but very neat) Podcast writer

Curriculum and Program Developer (full time…very neat)

*First Quarter Finance (multiple remote roles…not sure about this one in terms of reliability…but maybe someone wants to explore…note “mandatory” writing sample…makes me think that the sample becomes a piece published …just a heads up)

On-Demand Course Instructor: Copyediting and Grammar (kind of an interesting bent on these skills)

Age of Learning has several openings

Children’s Editor

Springer Nature various gigs

Science Curriculum Writer

Education Reporter

Contract Producer Children’s Television/Educational Media

Remote Content Writer

Curriculum Writers/Lead Writers

Interactive Developers

Product Developer (full time)

Development Editor (contract; varied locations)

Psychology Editor (remote)

Copy Editor

Creative Writer-Children (religion focused)

Deep Learning Content Creator

Content Editor (kids)

Grant Writer (contract)

Digital Media Specialist (remote, full time)

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WEM on the Move

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

Catching you up a bit on WEM’s forward movement.


Alas, I’ve had only one challenge taker…thanks Diane Moroff for the great lead. The job was filled BUT I did pitch the site to the person hiring. She was impressed and will use it down the road. So, it’s doable. OK…the challenge will be easier…how about two new potential job posters? The small reward still stands, as does the featured writer offer. (Diane, I will be reaching out soon to learn more about you!)


I am a network hound…so I told just about EVERYBODY I know about the site, encouraging them to post jobs. I even posted on LinkedIn groups. In all of my messages, I underscored that folks need look no further than WEM for the highest quality and most experienced ed writers around. I will be reaching out to former posters to bring them back into the fold, as well.

Newsletter and Blog Writing

We’ve lost a few…and gained a few. So, we are still over 1200. Clearly, WEM has something to offer. A few members will be writing some blog posts for the site. Please let me know if you would like to do the same. I can offer topic ideas or you can work from your experiences. Hearing from each other would be really useful and engaging!

Website Upgrades

I am meeting soon with a graphic designer who is going to give me some design tips. And, will be meeting with a WordPress expert who can offer upgrade guidance. I am specifically working on the SPAM issue so I can remove the password-protected access. I took it off for about a minute and immediately, all sorts of junk appeared. Disheartening. I would also like to open comments again…once I deal with this spam issue.

Writer Profiles

Please update your writer profiles to reflect the additional areas of expertise. That list keeps growing as you suggest entries and as I review WEM writers. Such a mix of skills!

Post Jobs

Please post jobs you come across. There must be many opportunities out there to share with your peers. I don’t to be the only one!!! Let’s say someone offers you a gig outside of your expertise…post it here!!

Have a great weekend. Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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Instructional Design Manager, K-8 Math

Instructional Design Manager, K-8 ELA and Social Studies

Crafts and Activities Editor, Highlights (full time, so neat)

Consultant, Curricular & Instructional Design

Product Editor-KLUTZ

 Educational Copy Writer (low hourly)

Freelance Developmental Editor

AP Stats Consultant

Writing Fellowship (this is so interesting…might really be of interest to a few of you)

Senior Director, Content and Curriculum Strategy (full-time, fascinating)

Manager, Social Media (contractor)

Training Consultant for Female Journalists (Afghanistan…wow…if you can travel, heck)

Math Content Developers

Managing Editor, Mathematics

Journal Selection Assistance & Peer Review Expert

We are looking for freelancers for our Journal Selection and Peer Review services. We are looking for experts in niche subject areas to help authors find directions on their publication journey. These profiles require careful picking of the most suitable journals for manuscripts and/or performing critical Peer review of manuscripts:

Journal Selection Assistance
Pre-submission Peer Review

This will further give you an opportunity to Read, Learn and Review cutting edge research being conducted worldwide, in your field of interest.

Subject Areas:

Disaster Studies
Environmental Studies
Library and Museum Studies
Performing Arts
Recreation and Sports
Business Management

If you would like to join us as a Journal Selection Assistant and/or a Peer Reviewer please drop an email with your updated resume and a cover letter to


$ 80 to 100 per Article

 Abigail Lee

 Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd.


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Language Arts Content Editor/Proofreader

Quantitative Statistics/Quantitative Reasoning Content Developers

Technical Editor (training content)

Content Manager

Curriculum Writer (medical focus)

Assessment Item Writer

Climate Assessment program Science Writer


Production Editor

Instructional Designer

E-Learning Consultant

STEM Research Associate

Curriculum and Instruction Developer (nursing-looks like full time, online)

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance Editors

Feature Writers-Education and Careers

Education Lead Editor

Curriculum Development Specialist (UN)

Educational Copy Writer

Instructional Designer

Biology/Economics Writers
Content writers needed in the disciplines of Biology and Economics. Writers are needed to develop Study Guides (including complete specs for still art) for three university courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Introduction to Biology (typically Biology 101). Each study guide is expected to be approximately 20 pages in length and we expect to produce 15-30 study guides per discipline. Writers must have an advanced degree in the subject or extensive professional writing experience.The project is expected to start approximately August 28 and run to early December.

$ 35-50 per hour
Ashley Glennon
Six Red Marbles Inc.

K-2 Editors: Math and ELA
Looking for K-2 math and K-2 ELA editors for student and teacher materials. Must have 5+ years experience working on educational publishing products for publishers and/or developers. Recent/current teaching experience required.
Please send resume and project history to apply. Please note “K-2 Math Editor” or “K-2 ELA Editor” in subject line of email.

$ 30-40 per hour
Lori Becker
Publishing Solutions Group


Contract Curriculum Developer

Click here to apply

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy is looking for educators with strong writing skills and understanding of learning styles to review existing curriculum pacing guides as a contractor. This review process requires revisions to suggested textbook lesson content using connections to real world applications, considerations to learning style, and relationships across disciplines. There is also an opportunity to simultaneously preform contract work for an online learning center Bridgeway is looking to develop.


  • Teaching Experience
  • Curriculum Development Experience
  • Knowledge of Learning Styles
  • Engaging writing style
  • Strong computer and technology skills
  • Excel Spreadsheet Experience

Preference Given to:

  • Experienced teachers
  • Individuals competent in SharePoint
  • Individuals with experience in online or individual instruction
  • Individuals with Data Entry Experience



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OK…I am ready to pump up the action. So, here’s a challenge for you all:

The first 10 people who share with me five new potential sources of jobs (clients you have, former clients, colleagues who work in companies with educational possibilities, etc.) receives a small gift and gets featured on the site…and I will post madly on my various lists. How’s that?

Here is a list of categories I have added to the section on expertise for writers…build from there:

This list CAN work…but we all have to move it along.

OK…who accepts the challenge?


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Gig opportunities

Hi all…a few more interesting bites. PLEASE START POSTING OPPORTUNITIES. We can really grow WEM if each of you offers a gig or two. And let your clients know about the site, as well. Michele

Business Management & Entrepreneurship Curriculum Developer (remote)

Instructional Designer (on site, part time)

Curriculum Designer, STEM (remote and maybe a bit on site)

Instructional Designer (remote)

Partial Telecommute Instructional Designer  (Wash, DC)

Online Course Developer (looks full time, but it could also be a potential source for freelance…might be worth exploring the agency)

Curriculum Designer (I think I posted this already…but here it is again)

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“tutorial” (and resetting your password)

Again…thanks to are clear instructions for logging into your account.

1. From the Writers page:
2. Login to WordPress using the menu on the right side (see image)
3. If you forgot your password, you will need to reset it.
4. Once you’re logged in, click on Join the Writer List (password: jointhewriterlist)
5. Your previous entry should be there all filled in IF you registered for a WordPress account before you filled it out the first time.
6. If you did NOT register for a WordPress account before you filled out the form the first time, send your WordPress username and the First and Last name of your form entry to and she will connect your username to your entry. THEN you can do steps 4 and 5 above.


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