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I appreciate all of the comments. I am reflecting on ways to make this a better service down the road.

Please stay in touch: In the interim, I can coordinate an informal list with opps that come my way.

We’ll figure this out.

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Hi all,

A series of unfortunate events has resulted in my decision to shut down the WEM site. I will run it until the end of January.

If you want to stay in touch with me beyond the site for potential leads, projects for which I need partners, etc., please contact me offline.

I had great plans for the site, but unfortunately, the complexities outweigh the positives.



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Robinson Prize

Do you know a great copy editor? You can encourage their work by nominating someone (or yourself!) for ACES’ annual Robinson Prize. The prize honors a “copy editor of the year” whose work exemplifies the values that ACES promotes. In addition to national recognition, the winner receives $2,000 and a spiffy crystal trophy.

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So, it looks like I can leave the discussion/comments section on moving forward. Yay! I do have to wade through to avoid spam and approve messages, but I’m OK with that.

Just a suggestion: We do have several hiring companies who are site users. If you want to learn about your fellow writers’ experiences with companies, you might ask to have people reach out to you offline.




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Content Expert, School of Health Sciences Northcentral University (NCU) is poised to launch new programs within the School of Health Sciences. NCU is currently seeking Content Experts to design curriculum in the follow specialization(s): Health Administration, Nursing, and Nursing Practice.

Health Subject Matter Expert The SME delivers content expertise in Health education for middle school and high school students. She or he provides expertise or guidance in identifying appropriate standards, outcomes, assessments, content, and other materials to support the development of digital learning experiences. The SME works with the learning consultant, instructional designer, technology vendors and other stakeholders, to ensure adequate instructional design specifications and clear and accurate content that aligns to the applicable standards, and may also provide teacher support including the development of support resources. Must have expert knowledge of current NYSDOE health education standards.

Manager/Director, Program Design Teaching Trust seeks a full-time Manager/Director of Program Design to collaboratively develop and design high quality programming. Work with the Program Design team to create content that results in high-quality professional development that meets the needs of school system clients and results in changes to participants’ work practices in order to improve student achievement outcomes.

Maths Curriculum Writer/Designer The maths curriculum writer will play an important role in designing interactive content and instructional animation videos. The position requires knowledge and experience in primary mathematics teaching, creative flair and an ability to expressing ideas in writing and interactive formats. The position involves creating written content such as blog articles to support our marketing campaigns.

ACT Fairness Consultants  ACT’s goal in selecting fairness consultants is to find reviewers who will be sensitive to and knowledgeable about the issues of diversity and representation, and who can effectively apply those skills in evaluating the fairness of materials for standardized tests administered at the national and state levels. ACT’s fairness consultants are educators at the elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels who have made valuable contributions in their respective fields. The pool of fairness consultants is diverse in terms of the consultants’ race/ethnicity, gender, and geographic background. Experience working with students of color, students with disabilities, and/or ESL (English as a second language) students is deemed highly desirable. Current teachers at the secondary and postsecondary levels who are African American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Latino/a can apply to be considered as fairness consultants for the ACT® pro.

Secondary Lesson Plan Writers WHRO has partnered with the 2019 Jamestown Commemoration to host a contest for student groups in grades 8 through 12 to create responses to poised questions. The Secondary Lesson Plan Writers will develop original lesson plans for Virginia teachers to use with students in a variety of settings. The lesson plans will embed the contest prompts that focus on the themes of democracy, diversity, and opportunity and can be used in courses like Civics, VA & US History, VA & US Government, Economics and Personal Finance, Art, Drama, Music, etc.

Instructional Resource Developers (PLEASE CONTACT MICHELE FOR THE DOCUMENTS. COULD NOT UPLOAD FOR SOME REASON. )Open School BC designs, develops and distributes educational resources and services to public sector clients and K–12 schools. Operating on a cost-recovery basis within the Ministry of Education, our projects are diverse. Smaller projects include informational websites and booklets for the general public, while larger projects include accredited courses addressing specific curriculum. The resources we develop range from simple print publications to interactive educational tools and video. Our nationally recognized educational multimedia has won awards at The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education Media Festivals. The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to identify qualified writers, designers and developers for creating educational content in a variety of formats.


Editor-in- Chief  (Minnesota) The editor-in-chief of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer is responsible for overseeing and directing the editorial content, priorities, finances, policies, standards, monitoring, and planning for the DNR’s flagship magazine that provides outdoor news, conservation education, and information to a half million constituents statewide. As the editor-in-chief, this supervisor position oversees and directs editorial and design operations, the magazine’s archives, Young Naturalist curriculum program, website/digital content delivery, and ancillary publications, such as calendars and books.

Curriculum Developer (Michigan)Serves as an expert resource for faculty, the Curriculum Committee, and the Assessment of Student Learning Committee to provide guidance on highly effective curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and assessment strategies that support academic excellence, student success, and the principles of Guided Pathways.

Curriculum Developer and Trainer (NYC) As a Curriculum Developer and Trainer, you will design, develop, maintain, and deliver training to NYC Human Resources Administration Office of Child Support Servicestaff. Evaluate the agency’s workflows, procedure and policies, identify best practices, and then distill that information into comprehensive training programs.

Curriculum Designer, Turnaround for Children (NYC) Seeking TWO Curriculum Designers who will be responsible for planning, writing, developing and refining content.

Growth Mindset Curriculum & Staff Training Consultant (not sure if this is remote, or partially remote, it’s part-time, contract) Play a key role in supporting the development of Masa’s (community-based organization that partners with Latino immigrant children, youth, and families to develop strong learners and leaders who fully engage in and contribute to the broader community)growth mindset curriculum for students in 3rd-5th grade, as well as designing and implementing trainings for Masa staff and volunteers around growth mindset. The right candidate will also be engaged to support the development of related parent-facing workshops. Spanish speaking a plus.

Director, Digital Curriculum Program Design, Edmentum The Director of Instructional Program Design serves as a senior leader in the company responsible for leading projects to design and build Edmentum instructional programs that align with the company vision, strategy, product and market requirements.


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STEM Curriculum Developer (I think it can be remote…provides several work options)NORY is looking for a STEM educator/maker , motivated to create programs for 3-10 yo to help develop the following soft skills: resilience, inquisitiveness and empathy .

Senior Editor, STEM Fields, Higher Education Lumina Datamatics seeks an experienced, U.S.-based applicant to expand our in-house higher education editorial team. Essential duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Vetting of freelancer candidates
  • Analysis/quality assurance of freelancer manuscript and samples for specific projects based on provided specifications
  • Creation of freelancer writing specs
  • Discuss and make recommendations for freelance writers/editors as needed
  • Author original or revised content on as-needed basis
  • Identify, build relationships with, and recruit new freelance writers in STEM fields
  • Troubleshoot and resolve client complaints related to content

Trade STEM Proofreader Lumina Datamatics ( seeks US-based applicants to support our expanding Trade Publishing team.  For our clients we produce a large volume of peer-reviewed STEM monographs by established authors, with assignments ranging broadly in length and complexity. Numerous proofreading roles are available, typically assigned as single project freelance opportunities, with payment per typeset bound book page. The needs here are for proofreading (via Acrobat markup) of STEM monographs of varying length and complexity, performed reliably within a tightly compressed timeframe. We are seeking proofreaders with a good track record of quality work done on time. This is a telecommuting opportunity. Interested parties should email with “Trade STEM Proofreading opportunity” in subject line, along with resume highlighting relevant experience and references.


Curriculum Alignment Specialist The Curriculum Alignment Specialist will be responsible for leading the planning and implementation of the vertical alignment processes at two AppleTree partner schools.

Assistant Editor of Arabic Literature The incumbent will work with the Editorial Director of the Library of Arabic Literature series. As assistant editor, responsibilities will include: liaising with editor-translators, copy-editors, proofreaders, indexers, other freelancers, the Digital Production Manager, and paperback designer; assisting with review of translations; maintaining spreadsheets and production schedules; drafting catalog and jacket copy; administering payments process for consultants and vendors and completing other editorial duties as needed; paperback cover image research; maintaining LAL website, blog, and Twitter account; drafting and producing communications; and arranging special events on behalf of LAL.

Educational Consultant (not quite writing, but super interesting…and part time) Support Staff-Instructional Coach/Specialist


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Hi all!

Please humor me! Take a few minutes to complete the survey at this link:

Your responses will help shape the future of WEM…and ensure that I serve you better.

Many thanks ahead of time.


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Teaching and Writing in the Education Market: That Issue of Pay

Big shout out to WEM member Larry Bernstein for responding right away to my thoughts about a blog. He’s been patient about me having this great piece go live. I’d love to keep this up…so send your entries. If we can gather momentum, we will keep this going.

Teaching and Writing in the Education Market: That Issue of Pay

by Larry Bernstein




“He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.”

We’ve all heard this famous line from Bernard Shaw’s play, Man and Superman. We may even have thought it to be true when frustrated with our teachers during our school days.

But this adage is quite insulting to those who have made a career in education. The insinuation is that teachers join the profession because they cannot actually do anything else. In other words, teachers are those who have few skills, so they reside in the undemanding world of education. And, sadly, that view is substantiated by lower salaries in the field overall.

It seems that this mindset carries over into the world of education writing. Because, in general, the pay scale for us education writer folks is pretty low. Is it now true that he or she who no longer teaches for skimpy wages can only write to earn skimpy pay? Looks like that might be the case.

Teaching Demands vs. Salary

Anyone who has spent more than an hour in a classroom, or simply considered the many responsibilities a teacher has, knows that life in the education world is more than demanding. Educators are tasked with something huge: contributing to the development of capable, intelligent future generations. That’s a pretty heavy responsibility, especially with growing the expectations of what teachers must accomplish in the classroom.

Yet, while many people claim to know and agree that teaching is hard, it is is still not a particularly well-respected profession. One telling sign is the average teacher salary. The 2016 Economic Policy Institute study “The Teacher Pay Gap is Wider than Ever” underscored how teacher pay lags farther behind that of comparable workers—17% lower, in fact.

There are those critics who contend that public school teachers get great benefits and therefore, the pay differential some cite is not an accurate. However, the study clearly proves this to be false.

While pay rate is not the only way to judge respect given, it is a significant factor. If society valued teachers for the impact they have on our children (and the level of skill and knowledge that a quality teacher must have), then the rate would be higher.

The Connection to Writing in the Education Market

The lack of respect in the form of salary for teachers carries over to the wages of those who write in the education market. While there are certainly good gigs available and rates vary, education writers typically do not make a whole lot of money. And, generally even less than writers receive in other industries. That’s been my experience (and probably yours, too).

Recently, I considered an interesting gig announced by a reputable company, with, according to LinkedIn, about 100 employees. I figured that was a decent enough sized business that an hourly rate would be at least competitive, especially if a quality writer was top of mind.

But, I was wrong. In fact, here was the salary narrative: “We do have a baseline of $22.50 per hour that we do our best to maintain, although almost 99% of the work we do is per deliverable versus per hour.”

I did some quick calculating: based on a 40-hour workweek, and 52 weeks per year, this rate was equivalent to a salary of $46,800. Many of us who are education writers are former teachers, with at least a Master’s degree (required in the field). And those ready to bring their expertise into the writing market are pretty experienced. You get the point: that salary does not match the years and years of professional practice, knowledge, and ranking. Now, that’s insulting!

Confession: I took the gig for a short period of time. It was a slow period, and I needed the money. (Come on, we’ve all been there. No judgment.) And that’s what makes it tough. Sometimes, when we need the work, we settle for less. Maybe it could build our craft and portfolios. Or at least we convince ourselves of that because…well…hey…you know what I mean.

But, I contend that as educational writers, we can help raise the rates the industry pays. There are over a 1000 of us registered on WEM. Yes, we are in different positions in our careers, have different backgrounds, and come from different financial circumstances. I get it. Yet, I believe something can be done. We are a significant block. It is up to us to make our voices heard and let employers know we have minimums we will accept for payment.

Again, there are good gigs out there that pay a wage more in line with what an experienced professional can rightfully expect to earn. While some employers – including the ones quoted above–are middlemen who decide rates based on what a client pays, there is money in education.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more of that money went to us? Imagine doing a meaningful job you enjoy and getting a rate that is apropos to your skill set.

Copyright © 2017 Larry Bernstein. All rights reserved.



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