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Hi…if you’ve just subscribed to this site, please know that we are temporarily resting in Slack. Sign up at this new link.

PLEASE sign up at the link…it now works.  If the link does not work for you, then I can add you…but TRY, TRY, TRY to use the link (PLEASE!!!)

Thank you all for your patience as we transition (in a good sense).



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SLACK: Next steps

Whew…OK…that last link worked.

Now, please make sure you are setting up notifications so you receive messages when they are posted. There is also a mobile app…so, I suggest doing that as well.

There are opportunities for discussions – threads-love those. So let’s do.

I can add channels, too.


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Trying again

Hi again!!

Thank you so much for your patience. I managed to add those who had trouble yesterday. Sorry about that.

A few things:

  • Here is a new link. It should work.
  • If it does not, please let me know and I will invite you directly. BUT PLEASE SEND ME YOUR REQUEST AT (Please!!!)
  • Please give me a little time to add you following your request.
  • Please start posting. This is going to be a community venue. I think there are metrics associated with how active the workspaces are.
  • Thanks to those who jumped right in with some great opportunities.
  • Remember you can chat with each other…and there is also a thread option, where you can branch off to chat with folks directly.
  • Finally, if anything comes of this endeavor, it will be that we have built some Slack skills.

Thanks all.



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Hi folks…if you are perturbed, you should be…sorry about this…I will invite you to join…so, if you go to sign up and get a message that says I need to invite you…let me know. As you let me know, I will invite you. Please send notices to

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Slack invite link

Hi all…yes, it’s me. How are you?

Sorry for the delay on the slack site…I was able to directly invite some of you, but there is a limit to how many invitations I can send. So, here is the link:

Then, please sign onto these various channels. I am trying to keep information in separate categories.

I am still figuring it all out…so be patient.

In the meantime, please begin to share leads with your peers. That is the only way this will work. I can post, but this is a community…one that will be around for a bit as I revisit the entire site.

Hiring entities: When you post, please indicate that you are a hiring entity.



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Well…here we are…the last day (for now).

I’ve created a SLACK workspace for the group in the interim. If you’ve reached out to me with your contact info, I will send you the link. You’ll need to sign on.

Do send me contact info if you have not yet.

It’s been swell…it will be even “sweller” in a few months.

SHOUT OUT TO LAURA COULTER…who made this baby happen.

Thanks to all.


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And again…just the titles…sorry…


Medical Writer, Continuing Medical Education

Course Developers (am thinking this is freelance/remote, but it’s not clear)

Freelance Writers, Editors, and Translators

Creative Writers

Bilingual Chines/English Editor (full- and part-time opps available)

Writer/Content Curator, San Francisco (bulk is remote, with 10 hours required on site)

Content Writer, Finance


Curriculum Developer/Writer (business company)

Senior Learning Specialist, Educscape

Senior Curriculum Developer, Amplify

Senior Content Editor, Museum of Science, Boston

Content Manager, Chicago


Smithsonian Writers/Editors (Came across this…no clue on how to get on the roster here, but I say it’s worth exploring)

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