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Retrieving Passwords

Trust me…it’s been a password nightmare for me this week (and I drove poor Laura crazy…thank goodness she’s incredibly patient!)

Some of you have been writing to me about changing your passwords…or actually LOCATING them. Turns out, alas, that I cannot do that from my end. BUT…here are feedback and a  link to details that can help you get started.

  • Basically, verify that the user emails are correct then have them use the forgot password link. You cannot retrieve passwords as they’re stored as an encrypted string.
  • This article lists 7 completely different ways to reset your password.  Any one of them will work and do the job. Find the one that’s right for you and use that:

We will get through this all…I promise.

In the meantime, START POSTING GIGS…and let’s get some jobs from companies, etc., posted…let’s build this out!!!



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Official Transfer

Hello, Writing for the Education Market Community!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Some of you are recent additions to the community and some, like Michele Israel, have been with me since it’s inception in 2008. You’ve seen her name and posts regularly.  Michele has been pretty much holding up this site for the last two+ years and I’m grateful. It’s been wonderful working with you all for so long, but I am unable to give WEM the attention it needs to be a strong community, and Michele has graciously agreed to take it over completely.

I’ll keep my Laura at Writing for The Education Market dot com email address for another couple of months and then that will be closed down. Please address all emails to Michele at Writing for The Education Market dot com from now on. We’ll be working together until we get the kinks worked out.

Happy writing!
Laura Coulter

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