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Hi all…yes, it’s me. How are you?

Sorry for the delay on the slack site…I was able to directly invite some of you, but there is a limit to how many invitations I can send. So, here is the link:

Then, please sign onto these various channels. I am trying to keep information in separate categories.

I am still figuring it all out…so be patient.

In the meantime, please begin to share leads with your peers. That is the only way this will work. I can post, but this is a community…one that will be around for a bit as I revisit the entire site.

Hiring entities: When you post, please indicate that you are a hiring entity.



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  1. Sheri

    Hi Michele! When I go to that link, it says: This team’s administrator has not enabled email signups.

  2. Shanu Deora

    Hello Michelle,

    I am trying to sign up for the new website but, it says: This team’s administrator has not enabled email signups.

  3. Lila Nissen

    I guess I need an invitation to sign in? Can I get an invitation?


  4. Susan

    Hi Michele, When I clicked on the link it said, “Ask your administrator to send you an invitation.” May I have an invitation? Thank you so much!

  5. Kevin Allard

    It says you can register domains for email signup and then anyone for that domain can signup. Perhaps add,,,, etc (the big ones) and that might handle the majority of people?

  6. Michelle Andersen

    What a headache! I’d love an invite whenever you have a moment. Thank you and good luck!

  7. Tonya A.

    Thanks! Still waiting on the email invitation. I know you are doing the best you can and working on it. Thanks again for setting this up.


  8. Kim

    I’d also love an invite when you figure out the issue. Many thanks for all you do!

  9. Anonymous

    Can I get an invitation to the join the slack sight? Thanks.
    Jim Westcott

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