Hi all,

Happy Sunday!

How does one go about getting the opportunity to write those lovely readers for publishing companies? I’ve been poking around on your websites (just wonderful…the range of experience is so inspirational!) and I see that many of you produce wonderful books…some are in collections across themes, for example.

How do these gigs come your way? Are they posted announcements? Word of mouth? Gigs on publishers’ websites? Just curious…

Feel free to respond here or to me directly.




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  1. Nancy

    I would be interested as well! I’ve written a few many years ago and the companies always contacted me. I do write WFH series books, mostly through development house, but the prices have dropped to a shocking low since I first started writing for them so I’m searching for gigs where I can freelance and earn a living wage!

  2. Chris Forest

    Thanks for asking about it. I know I have had the chance to do a few of those types of books over the years. I remember I got my start by researching companies on internet by looking up “School Library Publishers” and then reaching out to different publishers to see if they looked for WFH writers. I got a few jobs that way….and every now and then, I still have someone add me to their pool of writers. As Nancy mentioned, I do know in the past three years some of the needs have changed and they are having editors do the writing more often. Some others reaching out to development and ghostwriting services to create books for them, too. But it is definitely worth looking into it.

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