I surf the Internet a lot for work, am on lots of lists, receive lots of alerts, and also get leads from friends and colleagues. Below are a few sites that I reference a fair amount. You can set up alerts with many of them. I will post additional ones as they come along. PLEASE ADD YOUR SOURCES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!!

I also, like many of you, go straight to the publishers’ websites, as well as to organizations that I am drawn to. That’s crazy tedious searching, but it often pays off. This link (which I might have already provided) suggests tools that link you to a site for regular updates.

And, I’ve also been looking at RFP sites…even have landed gigs from those…I will generate a separate list for those in a few days.

Also think about educational media companies, ed tech companies, arts-centric organizations, companies looking for educational content writers…so many possibilities.

There are fee-based, member-only sites, like (which also posts job announcements for members…I got into a bit of hot water because I was posting from their list…oh, well…lessons learned).

A few hiring entities have posted jobs directly to the site. I WANT MORE OF THAT IN THE FUTURE!

Of course, nothing beats word of mouth and referrals!!

Sites to Peruse (you really have to narrow down the search terms here, but I do find a lot…I know it’s tedious to come across stuff…but I do) I also customize searches on Google, Indeed, Simply Hired, and Nexxt (again, it can be a pain, but I find lots of really interesting gigs there)

ATD Job Bank

EWA Career Center

PND Job Alerts

Media Bistro

Higher Ed Jobs

Inside Higher Ed Careers

Brian Scott’s Online Writing Jobs


BookBuilders of Boston Jobs

Education Dive Jobs

Chronicle Vitae Jobs (every now and then, something curriculum related emerges)

Get Curriculum Jobs ( I DON’T love this site, but every now and then…)

Diversity Jobs

Education Week Top Jobs

Craig’s List (yep, another painful site, but there are often interesting gigs, and you can search by state)

Book Jobs

Publisher’s Marketplace


Edu Jobs for Flexible Practitioners (almost feels like a sister site…I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!)

eLearning Industry Jobs

Chalkbeat Jobs

Virtual Vocations (not loving this site…BUT…what is good is that you get a sense of the companies out there, and can go directly to their sites to see full job listings)

Flex Jobs (eh…much like Virtual Vocations, but it does not update efficiently…I don’t recommend it but it’s worth a perusal to see what’s out there)

NCSS Career Center

The Association of Magazine Media

Media Match USA

Writing Assistance Inc.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Journalism Jobs

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  1. Patrice Sherman is a megasite for job listings, but you can filter by key words and have alerts sent to your inbox. I’ve filtered by things like “curriculum writer,” “freelance writer,” “education writer,” etc. and have found some good paying gigs. Again, it’s a very inclusive site, so even if you filter you’ll probably end up with a lot of job listings you don’t want, but if you use it steadily it can be an excellent resource. And don’t overlook Evelyn B. Christiansen’s site, It’s not really a job site, but she lists nonfiction publishers and book packagers along with contact info. I know a lot of people use her site to get started. It has been very helpful to me over the years.

  2. Jeanne L

    Thanks for compiling this list of resources. It will be very helpful but I will miss your posts. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

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