Hi all…sorry…did not have time to write up descriptions.


Contract Instructional Designers (thanks to Cecelia Munzenmaier for passing this one along!)

On-Call Training Consultant (so unusual and interesting)

Freelance Editing Positions with Edanz (once on the page, scroll down) science focused

Creative Writer, Kingdom Works (Christian media products)

Contract Editors (technology/engineering background)

Content Development Writers and Editors (all subjects)

Freelance Writers to Simplify Legalese (I have no clue on pricing…I am thinking it might not be great)

Writer, Pacific Northwest Hiking Guidebook (must live in Washington)

Online Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum Specialist-Humanities/Literacy (remote but in Sacramento, CA -but I am not sure whether that actually means you have to live there..worth a query)

English to English Content Editor (says contract, not sure whether it’s remote)


Blended Learning Educational Projects Coordinator (NYC)

Writer and Curriculum Developer

Senior Editorial Producer (full time, contract)

Arabic Reading/Curriculum Development Consultant (it’s definitely contract, but I am not sure how much time actually needs to be spent on site in Hebron…it’s quite neat)


Khan Academy (range of positions, some content)

Mango (language courses, opportunities for remote course developers)

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