Survey: Thanks

Hi all,

Thanks to those who completed the survey. For the most part, some terrific, helpful, and KIND feedback. (Just a few not-so-nice responses…tsk, tsk…which sort of surprised me!) If you haven’t filled out the survey, please do:

Here are some things I can do right away, based on feedback:

  • Differentiate among types of gigs (i.e., remote vs. on site, contract vs. full time)
  • Provide a bit more gig detail
  • Attempt to find matches for many of the types of writing people undertake
  • Begin to reach out to companies to get them to post gigs

I hope to upgrade the site soon so that I can include a forum, and some of the other elements people named. Note, as well, that I am going to continue to include full-time jobs and even contract jobs that may require on-site presence. I do know some people on the list who have looked for “regular” day jobs.

I also want to be clear that I was asking about payment just out of curiosity (some of you assumed that I was going to charge..tsk, tsk).

I am trying to make the site a bit more “professional” but right now, it’s not really possible. So, I will just keep posting as I do (as a volunteer!). That said, since folks see this as a community, it would be nice for others to post, as well.

In the meantime, I need your help to keep the list active:

  • Please share with me names of company contacts so that I can at least let them know about WEM
  • Post gigs…please…you all come across some for which you are not qualified or in which you are not interested…so post away.
  • Share links to job sites (other than the more obvious ones – LinkedIn, Monster, etc.) so I can peruse them.

I am going to start posting gigs twice a week…it’s a bit easier to do. But, if something comes up with an immediate need/deadline, I will share.

And, finally, I am going to clean the Mail Chimp list again. Meaning those on the list who have not been active will be removed.

Thanks again; have a great holiday.


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