Middle School NGSS Content Author

Content & Curriculum Coordinator

Chief Content Officer (pretty amazing gig…and can be remote, full time)

Writing, Editing, Curriculum Dev

Wisewire, an educational content developer, is actively developing a series of AP courses. We are looking for subject matter experts with 5+ years of teaching experience at the HS AP level and/or 5+ years of AP curriculum development experience. A Master’s in the discipline is preferred but not critical. We are looking for both writers and editors for a range of development tasks that include course mapping, lessons and assessments.

If you are interested in discussing this work further, please send a sample of your work, a CV or resume and any notes on availability to

Additionally, please detail your AP classroom or curriculum development experience and your familiarity with the College Board standards. We are looking for SMEs versed in any of the following:
– History
– US Government and Politics
– English Language and Composition
– English Literature
– Science
– Biology
– Environmental Science
– Computer Science
– Math
– Calculus
– Statistics
– Macroeconomics
– Spanish Language
– Art History

Location: Remote
Rate: $10-$250 per item based on time and intensity
Name: Molly Batchik
Company: Wise Wire


Math Curriculum Writer and Designer Specialist
Working as an independent contractor from home, the Math Curriculum Designer/Writer is responsible for developing curriculum for math at the elementary and/or middle school level based on the Common Core. Responsibilities include:

Creating new curriculum
Developing summative assessments
Designing fun and engaging math worksheets
Writing clear solutions to the math problems
Creating math practice exercises to help students understand key Common Core math concepts

Bachelor’s in mathematics
At least five years of experience in mathematics education
Experience in a math tutoring center a plus
At least two years of curriculum development experience
Expertise in the Common Core and teaching methods
Excellent attention to detail and time management and organizational skills
Strong written communication skills
Technologically proficient (especially with Microsoft Office programs and the Google online tools)
Self motivated with the ability to effectively meet deadlines

These independent contractor positions are temporary and are usually paid per project. These positions are home-based, and contractors set their own hours.
Pay is based on experience.

To apply, please submit both a resume and a brief cover letter to jobs[insert @ sign] Please include the resume and cover letter in the BODY of the email. Copy and paste is fine. No attachments please!

The employer has provided an email address to apply for this position. Please follow the instructions in the job description and email:

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