One final call for your help

Hi all…final reminder: Brooklyn College Academy, an early college high school in Kensington, is up for a major 100K grant through the Dream Big Teacher Challenge, sponsored by Farmer’s Insurance. WE ARE IN 11TH PLACE! (boo hoo!) Only the top five schools win.

The money, if won, will go to the high school’s newly launched Mindfulness Center, a designated space (recently renovated) where students (and eventually the entire school community) can decompress, negotiate stress, build their socio-emotional resilience. The model is unique because not only will students benefit from mindfulness practices, they will also be trained to be mindfulness practitioners.

The school is one of 15 finalists nationwide in the contest…and the only one in NY State.

This is the final voting week. Might I ask you again to support this amazing project. Check out the coverage we got today:

Here is the link:…/vote-for-a-te…/vote-100k-proposal/
Vote for Linda Noble, Brooklyn College Academy, Mindfulness Center. It’s a daily vote (grrr!) but boy, we need to climb in the ranks. Only five schools win.

Thanks so much


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