So…since we are in the education world together, I am hoping you can help. Some of you may be mad that I am posting this (that’s OK…you can tell me). But, actually, it’s fine with me if similar things are posted in the name of education and supporting teachers and students.

I’ve been fundraising for schools as a volunteer for a while. My son’s high school is up for a 100K award for its new Mindfulness Center, which I helped to launch. It’s a unique site-based place where high school students will be able to meditate, reflect…essentially decompress. And they will also learn to be mindful practitioners. I wrote a proposal for the Dream Big Teacher Challenge through Farmers’ Insurance and well, we are one of 15 finalists nationwide up for the grant, and the only school in NYS.

Awesome, but…in order to be one of the five winners, we need folks to vote and vote daily (hard to do). Am putting it out there…if you can support highly engaged, low-income, college-centric, driven students get major funding to support an amazing socio-emotional educational program, that would be great. And if you can let your networks know, even better.

Here is the link for voting:  The teacher is Linda Noble, the school is Brooklyn College Academy, the project is the Mindfulness Center. I can send more info (even the proposal, which describes it all!)

Here are two links to some small coverage we received that can give you a bit more insight.

Vote To Help Brooklyn College Academy Win $100,000!

Brooklyn College Academy debuts new space dedicated to mindfulness

Thank you in advance.


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