Lesson storyboard creator

Hi all…remember the company I mentioned contacted me? I am not the right person for the gig, so am posting here. The contact, Chakira Lane, is lovely. Here are the details

Please allow me to introduce myself as Chakira Lane, a project manager/executive editor for Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd. I received your name from the Writing for the Education Market database. I have a new project that should be launching in the next couple of weeks that I’m wondering if you would be interested in.

Client product: 
Our client has developed a series of web-based, teacher-led video lessons that covers various subject matter, including ELA, earth science, US history, and others
Scope of work:
Creation of lesson storyboards, plus one round of revision. You would be provided with a  lesson outline called a blueprint that lists the content your lesson must cover. You would use the blueprint and our client’s PPT templates and lesson shells to storyboard the video lesson. The lesson will consist of a series of slides that include on-screen text and teacher notes for audio that discuss how the content should be taught by an on-screen teacher. The instructional slides should also have intermittent assessment tasks to check understanding. Each slide would also include a description, or go-by,  of any accompanying visual elements (e.g., graphics, images, charts).
Project fee: TBD, anticipating approximately $600 per lesson
 Contact Chakira at chakira.lane@integra.co.in. Mention that I posted.

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