Working on WEM

Hi all.

Hope the summer has been treating you well.

I’ve finally been able to dive into the website. Laura has helped me to navigate all aspects of WEM. I’m still learning. AND IT’S SO EXCITING.

Here’s what’s been going on (and what I’ve been thinking), along with what I hope you all will be able to do.

Site Changes

I’ve been fiddling with the site, adjusting here and there. You might notice! My goal is to launch a new website down the road. (If anybody out there wants to work on that with me, do reach out.)

The biggest changes are in the forms. I’ve added all sorts of writing categories to the writer list sign up (you might want to refresh your profile to add some of the newer categories), and additional fields in the job posting and community leads sections. You can now actually hyperlink a job (rather than just post the URL) and/or upload a job description.

Oh…and yes, I’ve been deleting thousands of SPAM emails. (If your name is Amoxicillin…sorry, you’ve been removed!)

Hustling through Outreach

I’ve reached out to colleagues, friends, peers, collaborators, etc., about the site, and have invited them to post job leads. My goal is for folks who hire to see that they can come to WEM FIRST (before posting wildly and randomly elsewhere) to find the best of the best education writers. It’s true! They can narrow their search right here. And not have to¬† to sift through lots and lots of resumes, profiles, writing samples. Don’t you agree?

So, please do the same. There are over 1200 of you! Even if each of you reached out to just one company or professional colleague, our job postings would be off the charts. I would love to get more than 10-15 new gigs a day (or maybe a week, to start?) that are unique to our site.

Writers List

Even though there are over 1200 folks registered, there are only about 250 of you on the writers list. You should add your credentials to it. I think we will get more people perusing that list. Don’t you want to be featured on it?


I want to make this a regular thing. Blog posts…I have some ideas for that, and will be starting soon. Would love to have many of you write posts, too. R u interested? Shoot me an e-mail…LET’S TAWK

How You Can Help

This will be a slow process…but you can help move it along. Here is a short list of how you can help for now:

  • Let me know what else you’d like on the site; maybe I can make that happen.
  • Get folks you know to post jobs (I know, I said that earlier…but it needs repeating)
  • Post community leads…THERE ARE OVER 1200 OF YOU. Let’s get that list super active.
  • Start talking to each other…respond to blog posts or listings…boast. Should I get a forum started?
  • If you unsubscribe, let me know why…maybe some improvements would keep you on board?

That’s where WEM is at for the moment….MOVING FORWARD!!!

More ideas blooming, great plans underway…stay with me for the journey!



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