College instructors needed as reviewers – Economics

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Company: Six Red Marbles

Job Title: College instructors needed as reviewers – Economics
Location: [96]

The project is to develop study guides for an Inrto to Economic course. The study guides are to be written in an engaging and relaxed style to be used to supplement course content for study purposes. There is a scope and sequence (table of contents) developed. The client has added several questions about the scope and sequence that need to be answered.

Weare looking for college instructors to review the Scope and Sequence and validate it as well as address the questions the client has about the Scope and Sequence. The questions are mostly about additional topics that could/should be added and the sequence of the topics.

We estimate that this task will take no more than 8 hours. Our rate for this work is $50.00 per hour. We would like to start this part of the project ASAP.

Must have teaching experience at four-year institutions at the instructors level or above
Must have a masters degree in the subject area

How to Apply: 

Resume and cover letter to:
Ashley Glennon


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